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Luna Cinzenta

12th September 2008

  • Hello. Left a msg on your other blog, but figured I'd friend you here too. Now I'm really off to bed! heheh
  • Hey! This is Ily. I'd like to see some asexual-themed poetry! :-)
  • I found you through asexuality. My journal doesn't deal with my perception that I may be asexual (mostly I write about my eating disorder) but I am interested in reading your journal. Add? I'll add you back but...just be aware that the topic I write about is very different haha
    • Lol that's cool. I don't expect all my readers to write a whole lot about asexuality... I actually hardly wrote anything at all about it until this past year. So, yeah.

      Anyway, added. :)
      • :) Sweet. Yeah, I rarely write about it because...well, it's not a big deal to me? I think most people have LJs to write about singular topics: looks like your LJ is for asexuality discussion and mine is for another reason. Hm. Thoughts. But thank you for the add--I look forward to reading your posts.
        • Yeah, that's true... and then there are those people who have four or five different LJs each for a different thing, lol. I used to be one of those people, back when I was involved with fandom/RP stuff... Now, though, I kind of want to stop that and use this for any topic that doesn't fit with my blog. Not really sure what that will entail yet besides the creative writing, but yeah... we'll see!
  • *waves*
  • Hey. Found out about your LJ through Shades of Gray. As with lerastar, I don't really blog about asexuality - not everyone on my f-list really knows. I'm just interested in the idea of reading the asexuality-related poetry of someone other than myself, plus I just find your writing interesting. Add?
  • I took your survey early this month. I also see you a lot on asexuality. I was browsing your wordpress blog, and was very interested in your writing. unfortunately, i don't have an account with wordpress, and was hoping to maybe read your things here on LJ....
    • Sure, I'll add you, if you want me to. :) Though I don't post the same things on LJ as I do on wordpress... I don't do a whole lot of talking about asexuality here, the most I post about it are poems, and I also just talk about my real life.

      I believe there *is* a way that you can read my wordpress entries on your LJ friends list if you want, without me creating a whole new journal for it, but I'd have to figure out how to get the feed to work. I'll look into it!
    • Okay, I figured it out! It was actually ridiculously simple.

      Go here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/grasexualityrss/
      Click Add, and you're done! It will show up on your friends list. :)
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